Holiday Coffee Gift Guide 2023: The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers


OneCUP Variety Pack being unwrapped.

This holiday season, get the coffee lovers in your life something extra special. Take inspiration from our coffee gift guide filled with 7 of the best gifts for those who choose to start the day with a cup of joe. Whether you prefer delicious flavored coffee, love the ease of brewing from pods, or need the perfect merch, we've got you covered. 


1. Quirky Mugs

Quirky Mugs

Coffee lovers can never have enough mugs. Choose one based on a  humorous saying, a beloved hobby, or grab one from their favorite San Francisco Bay Coffee Company. Our Campfire Mug makes for a warm and cozy gift. It features a retro granite design and holds a generous 15 ounces. It's perfect for someone's daily brew or a special holiday beverage, like a Pumpkin Pie Latte, Toasted White Mocha, or Gingerbread Latte. Gift a mug on its own or pair it with some fun coffees to brew at home.

2. Mug Warmer

There is something truly special about a warm cup of coffee. Give a gift that will help keep their cup nice and toasty as they work and allow them to enjoy their coffee throughout the day. A mug warmer works with any glass, ceramic, metal, or enamel mug, just like a hot plate under a drip coffee carafe.  

3. Double-Walled Tumbler

Double Walled Cup

Know someone who enjoys cold brew or iced coffee? Opt for a double-walled tumbler that will keep their favorite brew cold all day. To take the gift to the next level, pair the tumbler with a bag of our Cold Brew, Coarse Ground coffee that is perfectly smooth, sweet, and balanced. 

4. Travel Mug

Travel Tumbler

For the coffee lover who enjoys their brew on the go, treat them to a fabulous travel mug. Consider our eco-conscious, reusable tumbler that is perfect for brewing coffee at home and taking it on the road. Made for everyday travel, the Adventure Tumbler features a spill-proof, lockable lid and is double-wall, vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks HOT (or cool things cool) for hours. Like the mug, this tumbler is a solid gift by itself but is also great to pair with a bag of rich and flavorful coffee. 

5. Airtight Coffee Canister

Air tight canister.

Storing your coffee right is the key to a great-tasting cup morning after morning. For the coffee lover who wants to keep their whole beans, grounds, or pods as fresh as possible for as long as possible, consider our Airscape® Classic Black Airtight Canister. Available in a range of sizes, it is perfect for use at home, in the office, or on trips. The canister is specially designed to remove oxygen from the container to prevent the coffee from going stale and losing its flavor. It is sure to elevate the coffee-drinking experience for any coffee lover. 

6. Gift Basket or Tote

San Francisco Bay Coffee Tote Bag

For an extra special gift, create a gift basket or fill a tote bag with any combination of the items listed above, along with their favorite coffee. We suggest: 

  • Variety Pack OneCUP™ Pods - For coffee lovers who prioritize convenience, consistency, and sustainability, consider gifting OneCUP pods. If you want to give them a few delicious flavors to try or turn them on to something new, a variety package of OneCUP pods is ideal. Choose from the Dark Roast CollectionDistinct Assortment PackFavorite Four Variety PackFavorite Medley Variety Pack, or Medium Roast Selection.
  • French Roast Coffee - The beloved French Roast is one of our most popular coffees and sure to delight any coffee lover. A 2-pound bag of whole beans ensures your coffee lover can grind their beans and brew according to their preference. If they prefer grounds or OneCUP pods, those are available in French Roast, too. This rich coffee delivers a full-bodied, dark roast and smoky finish. Level up the gift by purchasing a coffee subscription so they have delicious coffee on-hand for months to come. 
  • Fog Chaser Coffee - For the espresso lovers in your life, treat them to an iconic classic that is sure to chase away even the thickest morning fog. Our Fog Chaser espresso is available in OneCUP podswhole beans, or grounds for perfect brewing by any method. The blend of dark and medium roasted beans results in an enjoyable medium-dark roast coffee with a great combination of flavor, balance, and smoothness. 
  • Hazelnut Creme Coffee - Flavored coffee lovers are thrilled by our many options. One of our most popular flavored coffees is our Hazelnut Creme. Available in OneCUP podswhole beans, and groundsthis brew can be enjoyed with any brewing method. The smooth, creamy, and delicious flavor is a lovely blend of hazelnut, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla with just a hint of sweetness. 

7. Gift Card

San Francisco Bay Gift Card

Can't decide? Let them choose their own coffee treat with a gift card from their favorite coffee roaster. 

To discover more delicious coffee and merch, shop San Francisco Bay Coffee today!