Organic Coffee Company OneCUP™ Coffee Pods

Organic Coffee Company OneCUP™ Coffee Pods

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    When you’re finished with these pods, these pods aren’t finished. Single-serve coffee pods are convenient. However, most are made of plastic that adds to the growing problem of plastic waste buried in our earth and floating in our oceans. As a producer of single-serve pods, we feel an obligation to invest our time, money and resources into finding a better way. So, we created our OneCUP pods made from plant-based commercially compostable materials. Visit our compostable FAQ page for more information. Organic Coffee Company OneCUP – From pod to sod.


    Organic coffee pods are OneCUP™ pods filled with USDA Organic-certified coffee. 

    Organic coffee pods are compatible with most K-Cup brewers. Simply follow the instructions on your K-cup brewing machine and enjoy a delicious cup of organic coffee. Note: San Francisco Bay is not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Keurig and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

    No. Organic coffee pods do not contain chemicals.

    USDA Organic-certified coffee pods meet rigorous organic supply chain management standards and quality controls. Organic coffee farmers only use natural and organic fertilizers like compost and manure, prioritize biodiversity and sustainability, and practice socially responsible labor practices.

    Any San Francisco Bay Coffee that is labeled Organic and all coffees under our Organic Coffee Co. line are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

    The main differences between organic and regular coffee pods are the certification and farming practices for the coffee. Regular coffee is grown using conventional methods that may lead to higher levels of chemical residues, leave a higher environmental impact, and follow less rigorous labor practices. Organic coffee is grown using organic methods that may lead to lower levels of chemical residues, leave a lower environmental impact, and follow more rigorous labor practices. 

    Organic coffee pods offer many benefits, including reduced exposure to chemicals, less environmental pollution, and improved livelihoods for farming communities.