Our Mission & Vision

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Beyond coffee, the foundation of our company is helping our farmers and their communities. Each year we set up a fund to help the farmers we work with. To date, we've built more than 63 schools, 1,700 housing communities, and over a dozen medical centers.

We’re proud to do our part in taking care of the farmers who give us so much. By purchasing our coffee, you’re helping farmers all over the world.

Our Commitment to the Farmers Who Grow Our Coffee

When you purchase San Francisco Bay Coffee, you are joining our efforts to improve the lives of our farmers and those in their communities around the world. Our Rogers Charitable Fund has four unwavering commitments:

  • Buy directly from farmers and pay them above the cost of their production.
  • Work with farmers to increase the quality and quantity of coffee produced on their farms.
  •  Help improve the condition of the farms and elevate the standard of living for the farmers.
  •  Increase access to health services and education.

You’re helping farmers all over the world.

For more than 20 years, we have been directly invested in the farming communities we partner with. Your support of our products has allowed us to:

  • Donate more than 10 million coffee plants to farmers.
  • Build and staff 12 community medical centers.
  • Start 63 schools.
  • Construct 1,700 affordable housing complexes.