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OneCUP™ Coffee Pods, K-Cup Compatible

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    When you’re finished with these pods, these pods aren’t finished. Single-serve coffee pods are convenient. However, most are made of plastic that adds to the growing problem of plastic waste buried in our earth and floating in our oceans. As a producer of single-serve pods, we feel an obligation to invest our time, money and resources into finding a better way. So, we created our OneCUP pods made from plant-based commercially compostable materials. Visit our compostable FAQ page for more information. San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCUP – From pod to sod.
    36 products


    The compostable coffee pods are just like other single-serve coffee pods, with one major exception - they do not add to the growing plastic waste problem. Our OneCUP™ compostable coffee pods are made from plant-based compostable materials that safely decompose with the right balance of heat, moisture, and oxygen in commercial composting facilities. 

    Yes! Our pods are made of paper, fiber, tree materials, and plant-based resources like seeds, cassava, and sugar cane. They are BPI® certified compostable in an industrial composting facility which means they achieve 90% breakdown within 84 days or less in industrial composting conditions. 

    Compostable coffee pods should not go in food waste. They require a commercial/industrial composting facility for breakdown and will not appropriately degrade in a home compost pile. If you do not have a commercial composting facility in your area, please dispose of the pods in the garbage. 

    The best way to dispose of compostable coffee pods is to compost them at a commercial/industrial composting facility. Visit or contact your local composting facility to confirm they accept BPI-certified materials. 

    Compostable coffee pods break down by 90% within 84 days or less at a commercial/industrial composting facility. 

    Compostable coffee pods are as easy to use as plastic coffee pods and create the same excellent-tasting coffee. Unlike plastic coffee pods that contribute to the immense amount of waste on the Earth, compostable coffee pods break down entirely and nourish the soil. 

    Compostable coffee pods are compatible with most K-Cup brewers. Follow the instructions on your K-cup brewing machine and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Note: San Francisco Bay is not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Keurig and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.