Compostable FAQ

Today: Commercially Compostable

The Future: Home Compostable

Commercially compostable means that our OneCups must be brought to a commercial composting site in order to breakdown. This is due to the current, non-woven filter material in our OneCups which breaks down better in a commercial composting facility. The compost materials require the correct elements, constant maneuvering and aerating to create the perfect high heat environment. These conditions are what is required to break down the non-woven filter material.

Our Research & Development team is actively working to make all of our packaging home compostable. This would mean that our customers can throw their waste into a home compost pile in their own backyard. To do this, we have condensed all of our 3lb bags to 2lb bags because the compostable packaging is not as sturdy as traditional packaging. Our goal is to make home compostability more accessible to our consumers so we can all help better the planet.

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