OneCUP™ Blue Brew Adapter

What is the Blue Brew Adapter?

There are some new single serve brewer models that have a design feature that can impact the brewing experience when using our compostable OneCUP™ coffee pods. If you have one of the new Keurig®* models that uses MultiStream Brewing Technology™*, then you may want to use the Blue Brew Adapter to enhance the brewing process and improve the OneCUP™ coffee pod compatibility with your brewer.

Should I use the Blue Brew Adapter?

Do you own a single serve brewer that uses MultiStream Brewing Technology™*? If you’re not sure, open the lid of your brewer.

Do you see five puncture needles?

If YES, we recommend using the Blue Brew Adapter. Easy-to-follow instructions are below.

If NO, the Blue Brew Adapter is not recommended.

How to use the Blue Brew Adapter:

Lift the handle of your single serve brewing machine to open the brewing chamber.

Carefully lay the Blue Brew Adapter on top of the pod holder with the straight edge of the adapter facing the front of the machine (toward you).

Place your OneCUP™ pod inside the pod holder.

Brew coffee as you normally would.

When removing the used pod, be careful not to remove the Blue Brew Adapter. It can be left in the machine for future OneCUP™ brewing.

Important note: The Blue Brew Adapter is not compostable. Please do not attempt to compost this adapter. It is intended to be used as part of your brewing coffee machine. It is not part of our OneCUP™ pod.


Questions, concerns or to request a Blue Brew Adaptor, please contact Customer Service by phone or email: 1-800-829-1300 • service@sfbaycoffee.com

* Keurig®, K-Cup®, and MultiStream Brewing Technology™ are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. San Francisco Bay Coffee, OneCUP™ and the Blue Brew Adapter are not affiliated with or approved or endorsed by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.