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Elderberry Cold Brew

Elderberry Coffee Recipe

Looking to make the most of your morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up? Look no further than this elderberry coffee recipe. Our Food scientist, Katie, developed this delicious drink for those who want to combine their coffee with some support for their immune systems!


Here is everything you need to know to make this unique and tasty elderberry coffee drink. 


• 1 teaspoon elderberry syrup (or consult the dose amount on the bottle)
• ¼ cup 1% milk for cold foam
• Cold brew coffee
• Monk fruit or sugar sweetener, if desired
• A dash of cinnamon Ice (optional)
• Splash of still or sparkling water
• 1 cup coarse ground light to medium roast coffee


• Cup
• Spoon
• Measuring spoon
• Frother
• Cold brew maker
•  Cheesecloth
• Airtight container


1. Fill your favorite cup with cold brew. Add ice if desired.

2. Add a splash of still or sparkling water to dilute the cold brew to your preferred coffee strength.

3. Sprinkle in a tiny amount of monk fruit or sugar, if desired.

4. Add elderberry syrup and stir.

5. Top with cold foam (see note below). 6. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon.


Cold Foam

We used a store-bought milk frother (sometimes called a foamer) and 1% milk to create the cold foam. You may also have a K-cup machine that will do this as well. A plant-based dairy alternative can be used instead.

Cold Brew

We suggest using a medium to light roast so the elderberry flavor is not overpowered by the coffee. Follow the directions on your cold brew maker, or pour 1 cup of coarse ground coffee (standard auto-drip grind will work in a pinch) and 4 cups of water into a 1 1/2-quart or larger container. Mix and let sit in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours (the longer the grounds soak, the stronger your cold brew will be). Strain grounds from coffee with cheesecloth. Store in an airtight container in refrigerator for up to a week.

Can you put elderberry syrup in coffee?

Coffee is fantastic on its own, hence the popularity of black coffee. As we well know, coffee is also an excellent canvas for layering flavors. Anything is fair game, and there is plenty of room for creativity, which led us to the discovery that putting elderberry syrup in cold brew leads to delicious, and purposeful results. Elderberry provides a fruity floral flavor that is also tangy and earthy, somewhat similar to the coffee cherry notes detected in certain brews, but with more of a blackberry flavor. The unique tasting notes lend well to pairing with smooth, light to medium cold brew, and the benefits extend well beyond taste.

Why incorporate elderberry into your coffee?

Adding elderberry to your coffee creates a satisfying flavor and imparts key nutrients and health benefits. Elderberries are packed with compounds that exhibit antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties (to name just a few). Let’s take a closer look.

• Immune Supporting: Elderberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that can help strengthen the immune systems.

• Anti-Inflammatory: Compounds found in elderberries called flavonoids and anthocyanins can help reduce inflammation in the body.

• Antioxidants: Elderberries are rich with antioxidants that can help protect the body from stress, improve health and wellbeing, and help reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Can an elderberry cold brew be made dairy-free?

Although the recipe calls for 1% milk, it is perfectly okay to substitute with your favorite dairy-free milk. The only drawback is that most plant-based milks do not foam well. If you are looking to keep the foam and skip the lactose, use Barista almond milk. It is specially crafted to create a lovely frothy texture when whipped with a standard foamer.

What pairs well with an elderberry coffee drink?

We love making this elderberry coffee drink with our Breakfast Blend, Moka Java, and 100% Colombian coffee. Here’s what you need to know about each brew:

• The Breakfast Blend is our signature medium roast made from carefully selected Central American coffee beans. It is available as whole beans, grounds, and OneCUP™ Pods in both our regular and organic coffee lines.

• For something a little funkier, try our Moka Java. It is a medium roast blend of coffee beans from Indonesia and Africa. It tastes of golden raisins, brown sugar, jasmine, and sweet berry, and it is available as whole beans.

• For a premium cold brew, try our 100% Colombian. Take your pick of whole beans, grounds, or OneCUP™ Pods, and brew an aromatic, smooth, and flavorful coffee.

To explore more recipes, visit our blog. To discover more delicious coffee, shop San Francisco Bay Coffee today!