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Dirty Iced Matcha

When the velvety texture of matcha meets the robust intensity of espresso, the result is nothing short of a beverage masterpiece: The Dirty Iced Matcha. This drink isn't just a fusion of flavors but an experience, blending the earthy notes of match with the richness of espresso. Whether you're a matcha enthusiast or an espresso aficionado, adding a little creamer transforms this drink into a luscious delight that provides a delicious boost of energy. 

To embark upon this caffeinated journey, you'll need a few key ingredients and equipment. Here's everything you need to create this drink at home. 


• 2 teaspoons matcha
• 2 teaspoons sugar
• 1/2 cup warm water
• 2 ounces espresso (we suggest our Fog Chaser)
• Ice
• Milk or creamer (optional)


• Espresso machine
• Matcha whisk
• Small bowl
• Tall drinking glass


1: In a small bowl, combine the matcha powder and warm water. With a matcha whisk, mix the ingredients until the matcha is fully dissolved. For best results, use the whisk to stir a back-and-forth motion that resembles a "W" or "M." 

2: Stir the sugar into the water and matcha mixture until it is fully dissolved. 

3: Fill a tall glass with ice, preparing it for the matcha mixture. 

4: Gently pour the matcha mixture over the ice-filled glass. 

5: Complete the drink with a double-shot of espresso poured over the matcha. 

6: For those desiring a creamier texture, add a splash of milk or creamer to your liking. Indulge in the refreshing, energizing blend of dirty iced matcha, a perfect drink for any time of the day. 

What is a dirty iced matcha?

Dirty Iced Matcha is more than just a beverage; it's a cultural fusion that marries traditional Japanese matcha with Italian espresso, creating a unique drink that's both refreshing and energizing. This concoction is not your average coffee but a sophisticated blend that offers a new way to enjoy these classic flavors. 

What does a dirty iced matcha taste like?

The flavor profile of Dirty Iced Matcha is complex. The drink's base is the grassy, slightly sweet notes of matcha, complemented by Fog Chaser espresso's medium dark roast flavor that is perfectly balanced and smooth. When combined, these ingredients create a harmony of taste that's unique and invigorating. The dash of sugar enhances the matcha's natural sweetness, while the option to include milk or creamer introduces a velvety texture that rounds out the drink. Each sip delivers a burst of flavor, blending matcha's earthiness with espresso's intensity, offering a truly unparalleled drinking experience. 

How much caffeine is in a dirty iced matcha?

For caffeine lovers, Dirty Iced Matcha is a dream come true. This drink packs a substantial caffeine punch thanks to the combination of matcha and espresso. A typical serving of matcha contains between 40-175 mg of caffeine, depending largely on the quality of the matcha, with higher-quality tea delivering higher amounts of caffeine. Since you consume all of the tea leaves in powder form, you get the full caffeine content and nutritional benefits of the leaves. Add to this 70-120 mg of caffeine from a double shot of espresso, and you've got a beverage that is sure to kickstart your day. This makes a Dirty Iced Matcha an excellent choice for those with a high tolerance for caffeine seeking a refreshing yet powerful energy boost. 

When to Drink a Dirty Iced Matcha

A Dirty Iced Matcha is a versatile drink that pairs well with many moments in life. Whether you're gearing up for a workout, facing an all-day study session, or preparing for a busy day at work, this beverage provides the perfect blend of refreshment and energy. Its high caffeine content and unique flavor profile make it an ideal choice for those seeking a burst of energy without sacrificing taste. Moreover, the health benefits of both matcha and coffee–rich in antioxidants and focus-enhancing properties–make a Dirty Iced Matcha a smart choice for anyone looking to nourish their body while staying alert and motivated. 

A Dirty Iced Matcha stands out as a beverage that combines the best of both worlds: the health benefits and unique taste of matcha with the energizing effect of espresso. Its versatility makes it suitable for various occasions, offering a refreshing and bold option for those seeking something out of the ordinary. So, whether you're a seasoned espresso drinker or new to the world of matcha, give a Dirty Iced Matcha a try and experience the symphony of flavors it has to offer. 

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Coffee Suggestion for Espresso

Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag
Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag

Fog Chaser, 2 lb Bag


Our iconic Fog Chaser is a blend of dark and medium roasted beans which results in a enjoyable medium dark roast coffee. It's a great combination of flavor, balance and smoothness that will chase away even the thickest morning fog.

Roast Level: Medium Dark

Tasting Notes: Flavorful, Balanced and Smooth