How To Determine If a Coffee Subscription is Right For You

Subscribe to Save delivery.


Subscribe buttons are everywhere these days. It can be easy to zone out and look past them, but for coffee lovers, coffee subscriptions are worth a second glance. In this blog, we will share five points that may persuade you to hit that subscribe button and never run out of coffee again.   

You Love a Good Deal 

Who doesn't love a good deal, especially on things they enjoy daily, if not multiple times a day? Coffee subscriptions are the epitome of a good deal as they often come with discounted prices lower than buying individual bags as single purchases. While the discount is often a modest percentage of the total order, over time, the cost savings add up substantially. Plus, all the perks and conveniences of subscriptions are added value provided at no additional cost to the subscriber. 

Making Coffee is a Staple of Your Daily Ritual 

If you only buy coffee to-go or occasionally pull it out to entertain guests, a subscription might not make sense. But if you make your own coffee, subscribing to deliveries of your favorite whole beans, grounds, or OneCUP™pods is a no-brainer. Whether you love drip, a pour-over, espresso, or something else, having a steady supply of fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep ensures that your daily coffee routine remains uninterrupted. Plus, a subscription takes away the worry of running out of beans and keeps your ritual running smoothly. 

You Have Your Favorites

If you are a recent coffee convert and still learning the lay of the land, buying single bags of different origins, roasts, and flavors at first may make sense to discover what you like. If you are a seasoned coffee drinker, chances are you have a go-to coffee, that one blend or single-origin bean that always hits the spot. With a coffee subscription, you can keep your favorites in stock and even layer in occasional deliveries of special-occasion coffee for a treat. 

You Like to Mix Things Up

A variety of OneCUP pods.

If you're someone who enjoys variety in your coffee experience, you may be tempted to shy away from a subscription, but it's worth a serious second glance. With a coffee subscription, you get reliability without sacrificing flexibility or versatility. Many coffee subscriptions are available for purchases of variety packs, particularly for OneCUP™pods, allowing you to experience different flavors all in one delivery. This option is also great for households with multiple coffee drinkers who all prefer something distinct. Alternatively, you can make modifications to your subscription periodically, trying new blends or roasts. You can even set up your order with great precision - have your favorite delivered frequently and your sidekick delivered on occasion for a fun surprise in the mail. All of this flexibility ensures you can get into a good coffee delivery groove, whatever that may be. 

Convenience is Key

Whether you simply appreciate convenience or desperately need it, a coffee subscription is designed to make your life easier. Forget about last-minute runs to the store or the frustration of realizing you're out of coffee when you need it the most. With a subscription, the convenience of having fresh coffee delivered on a regular basis is a game-changer.  

San Francisco Bay Coffee's Subscribe to Save Program

Image of setting up subscription online.

Wondering where to begin? We've got you covered. With a flexible subscription plan, you can compose the perfect delivery orders even as your preferences evolve and change. Our comprehensive line of everything from fun flavors and classics to exclusive blends and varieties is available at a range of price points, ensuring there is something for everyone. 

In addition to enjoying the flavors and quality of our coffee, our customers often appreciate our environmentally and socially conscious practices. As a family-run company, we are committed to growing the largest family in the world. We strive to create the perfect cup of coffee while improving the life of every farmer we interact with along the way, breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in coffee communities. Our passion is to build great relationships with farmers, families, and communities as we continue to improve their social conditions.

To further our mission of sustainability, we created our OneCUP™ pods made entirely from plant-based commercially compostable materials, so when you're finished with these pods, these pods aren't finished. Rather than floating in our oceans, they receive new life as dirt that nourishes the ecosystem. 

To create your subscription, go directly to our coffee subscription page and follow the prompts that guide you every step of the way. Alternatively, explore our shop and select the subscription option directly on each product page.