Our Compostable Journey

Starting in 2008, our company committed to manufacturing a more sustainable product. After 11 years of trial and error, we are proud to say, we created the first commercially compostable, single-serve coffee pod that fits most single-serve coffee machines. 

Commercially compostable means that OneCups must be brought to a commercial composting site for disposal.  This is due to the current, non-woven filter material in our OneCups which breaks down better in a commercial composting facility. The compost materials require the correct ingredients, constant maneuvering and aerating to create the perfect high heat environment. These conditions are what is needed to break down the non-woven filter material. Although this is a huge step toward bettering the planet and the coffee industry, we want to further innovate our products and packaging. We promised our customers that all of our packaging will be home compostable by 2020, and that is what we plan to do. 

Compostable Coffee

Compostable oneCups

What's In A OneCup

Our OneCups consist of a ring, a lid, and a mesh filter. All of these parts of the OneCup are made from plant based renewable resources. Inside the filter, there are 11 grams of 100% Arabica ground coffee. All of these elements will break down in a commercially compostable site. 

All of our OneCups are fully compostable in an Industrial Composting facility. With plans to be fully compostable by mid 2020. 

Enjoy eco-friendly coffee at an affordable price! 

germination of a coffee seed


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, all of our OneCup products are compostable in a commercial composting facility

All of our OneCups and our film which means, all of our products will be!