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Colombian Coffee Black

I used to drink pre-ground Colombian coffee with cream and sugar. Since grinding Colombian beans from your company, I now drink my coffee black without sugar and it actually tastes sweet! 


Best Hazelnut Creme coffee anywhere!

SF Bay Coffee’s Hazelnut Creme coffee has been our house coffee for years (about 25 years to be exact). We have never used any other brand. It is so smooth and mellow with the best taste. I even use it in cooking. It tenderizes a beef chuck roast in the slow cooker like magic.


Fresh Aroma and Full Taste

I really love this coffee. The Breakfast Blend has an amazing fresh flavor. I love opening the bag and having the fresh smell of coffee beans fill the air. A store by my house carried it and then stopped, so I was devastated. I was so impressed by this coffee that I decided to order straight from the company. 


Drip espresso perfection!

Need that jolt that only espresso can give? This is it! This Espresso Roast tastes like a true espresso made in a press. Not overly roasted, not overly oily, but good espresso quality from a drip machine. Wonderful and balanced, perfect for an afternoon or morning kick. 


Still the best!

Reviewed this coffee (Extra Dark Italian) a few years ago and gave it 5 stars. Since then, I’ve tried dark roasts from other suppliers, but none matched this one – I keep coming back to it! The complexity doesn’t get overwhelmed by the darkness of the roast. Smoky with dark chocolate, plus a touch of bright acidity and a long finish. This is a great blend!