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Our Farmers

Sustainably and Eco-Friendly Farmed Coffee Directly From Our Extended Family of Farmers to Your Kitchen, All At An Affordable Price. 

Our Extended Family of Farmers

At SF Bay Coffee, we are committed to growing the largest family in the world. 

Since we roasted our first bean in 1979, over 40 years ago, we have worked to not only consistently improve our cup quality but to improve the lives of each and every farmer we interact with. 

Throughout our 40 years, we have been welcomed into communities around the world and have built 63 schools, over 1,775 housing complexes, have given away over 10 million coffee trees to our farmers. Our family-run company strives to create the perfect cup of coffee while improving the life of every farmer we interact with along the way and breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in coffee communities. We are passionate about building great relationships with our farmers, their families and the communities we work with.

Today we celebrate 40 years of changing lives, this wouldn’t be possible without your support! 


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Sustainably Farmed Coffee

we are sustainably supporting our global families for years to come with the practices we implement when we work with farmers.

At SF Bay Coffee, we provide agricultural assistance to each and every farmer to improve the crop quality and to increase their farms’ productivity. In our wet mills alone, we save 90 gallons of water per pound of coffee compared to other, less effective mills. This method ensures that our coffee beans are sustainable and high quality, while also improving the water supply, the farm productivity, and the effectiveness among these coffee communities.

By bettering the lives of our farmers, their social conditions and farming environments, we are able to consistently create the perfect cup of coffee. By utilizing sustainability methods and providing our farmers with coffee trees, better-quality farms, and updated equipment, we are able to keep these farms productive and healthy for years to come, growing high-quality beans that truly make the best coffee on Earth.


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Over 32,000 farmers all over the world!

Most of them! 

Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Rwanda, Kona HI, Jamaica, Indonesia…we’re probably missing a few!

Did You Know?

Some of our farmers have worked with us so long that they’ve babysat some of the 3rd generation Rogers!