Brewing Coffee

4 Tips for Brewing the Best Tasting Coffee

A great cup of coffee begins with the best quality ingredients: Water and great quality Coffee Beans. 

There are many techniques and methods to brew a cup of coffee. Some of the more popular methods to brew coffee involve drip brewers, single-serve pod brewers, french press brewers, and large coffee pots. While we don't have a recommendation on which brew method is superior, you can still brew the best tasting coffee if you follow these very simple tips.

* Pro tip: 1 tablespoon per # of desire cups*

 SF Bay Tips to Great Coffee

1.Your coffee-making equipment must be thoroughly washed out and rinsed after each use. Coffee sediments and oils can settle and grow stale if left uncleaned, which will produce unpleasant bitter-tasting coffee.

2.Use filtered water whenever possible.

3.Keep your coffee fresh after opening the bag or box by using, air-tight containers to preserve flavor.

4.Buy 100% Arabica Coffee instead of Robusta beans. 

Brew and enjoy!