Does Coffee Help Your Plants Grow?

HHave you ever done a science experiment where you test which factors have positive effects on the growth of a plant? We sure have, and we thought it would be interesting to dive into a question that is all over the Internet: does coffee help your plants grow?

The Proof
There have been studies on the effect that coffee grounds have on the growth of a plant. In fact, a man names James Wong decided to run an experiment where he sprinkled coffee grounds on one of two identical vegetable beds in order to see if there was a difference between the two plants.

Unfortunately, the results were not good. Crop yields fell in about two weeks, the leaves turned yellow and most seedlings didn’t germinate in the bed with the coffee grounds.
So, what’s the problem? Wong seems to think the problem is caffeine itself. It turns out, coffee suppresses germination of other plants and seeds. This is why coffee beans grow inside of cherries, so it can prevent the reduction of competition between coffee trees that are next to each other.

However, there have been some gardeners who are successful when using coffee on their plants. Melinda Myers says it’s all about how you use them. Some plants do well when they have coffee in their soil, while others are less successful. She did mention that most of the time, coffee does help rather than harm.

The Trick
The best kind to use is compostable coffee grounds. When you start using coffee grounds in your own garden, make sure you start with smaller amounts to see how it works on your plants!

Now it’s your turn! Grab your coffee grounds and give it a shot!

We want to know; does coffee help your plants grow!

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