Coffee Characteristics and Region

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Coffee Characteristics and region

Coffee is a delicate and intricate plant

It was September of 2014, and I was standing on the side of the Mauna Kea volcano in the rain picking maroon Arabica coffee cherries.
Overlooking the lush landscape and the serene turquoise ocean views, it dawned on me that the land I was standing on influenced the flavor of the coffee I was picking. Not only in the coffee farm I was standing on, but in each and every region, every characteristic of the land and weather brings out different flavor profiles in the beans when roasted.  

coffee in Kona

What makes Kona Different?

Kona Coffee is one of the world's most delicate and unique coffees, but what makes Kona coffee so special? Certified Kona coffee can only be grown in the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii, a swath of land that stretches in a 30-mile band above the southwest coast of the island.
The delicate Arabica tree has to be grown in a mild tropical climate with the perfect amount of rain, which luckily, the island is just perfect for. 

n Kona, the clouds cover the trees just right to protect them from the hot Hawaii sun, and the rich volcanic soil provides the perfect amount of nutrients. These two essential elements combine to give each cup of Kona Coffee a sweet and full body taste with tasting notes of macadamia nut, dark, and milk chocolate with a floral finish.  


Kona Coffee being picked on our farm "Mamalahoa Estate" 

Coffee, (thankfully for us!), is grown all around the equator, something we, in the industry, like to call the "Bean Belt."

Coffee from Central America tends to be the most balanced of any growing region, producing full-bodied coffees with moderate acidity. Even then, each area has its own distinct flavors and uniqueness. Traditionally, Guatemala has a spicy smokiness to it, while Costa Rica has nutty notes with a citrus finish. 

South America has traditionally been the largest producing coffee region in the world, having ideal geography for coffee growing, and it boasts one of the most popular varietals, Colombian coffee.
When you purchase our Colombian coffee, you can expect the beans to be light-bodied with tasting notes, amaretto cherry, dark chocolate, and sweet mandarin.


So next time you have a delicious cup of SF Bay Coffee, say thanks to the specific elevation, climate, rainfall, and soil that helped make your perfect blend.

Experiment with different regions and find your perfect cup! Take our bean quiz today and find out which SF Bay coffee you are!

- Sarah Montagne March, 2020

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