Why Is Coffee Called Java?

Why Is Coffee Called Java?

Why Java?

We have all heard countless nicknames for coffee… Cup o’ Joe, daily grind, pick-me-up, rocket fuel, dirt, etc. But why is coffee called Java?

The History of Coffee

It all starts with the history of coffee, dating back to ancient Ethiopia. According to an old legend, there is a theory that a goat farmer noticed his goats eating a certain red cherry (coffee bean) from a naturally growing local plant. As a result, they were more energetic.  Curiosity overtook the farmer, and he decided to give the cherry a try. Soon after, he found himself highly energetic, and way happier! He enjoyed the cherry he had picked so much, he took it to a nearby monastery to show the monks his discovery. They tried the cherries and discovered the same effects. They adopted this as their regular routine, once they realized they could stay up later to pray. The word of coffee spread from there. 

In the early 17th century, coffee was introduced to Southeast Asia. There were three areas where it was the most common, including Bali, Sumatra, and a small island called Java.  Once it got more popular, there was a lot of exporting from Java to other areas of the world. Because of this, they started to call the coffee Java when it came from the island. 

From there, coffee continued to spread and become more popular worldwide. Moving from India, to Europe, and all the way to the United States. It became a drink that people consumed daily. Despite its growth and expansion, the nickname, Java, was the one thing that never changed!

What’s Your Favorite Nickname for Coffee?

What do you call your coffee? Let us know below!


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