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Social Programs

Beyond coffee, the foundation of our company is helping our farmers and their families

Inspired to Make a Change

When a young Pete Rogers, now CEO, traveled to a coffee farm in Guatemala in 1986, he noticed the large gap between the haves and the have-nots. Inspired to make a change, Pete was determined to change the coffee industry through four goals, which eventually turned in our company’s core pillars. He wanted to pay the farmer above the cost of production, improve the quality of coffee per farm, build better homes for the families of the farmers, and improve their communities with schools and clinics.

building schools in mexico

Rogers Family 

Community Aid

Today, in 2019, we have made exceptional contributions to the farming communities we work with, improving their education, housing, health, and sanitary conditions.

We’ve built 63 schools, 1,775 housing complexes, and have donated over 10 million coffee trees to our farmers. Bettering the lives of the farmers we work with is one of our biggest missions as we strive to Grow The Largest Family In The World.

In addition to supporting our coffee farmers around the world, we also love to give back to our local community. We donate coffee to our troops, local school programs, and attend community events in our surrounding areas. By staying active in our community, we are always looking for an opportunity to give back to our loyal customers, making positive changes at every turn.


Most frequent questions and answers

Every cup of coffee helps contribute to the community aid efforts we are committed to. 

We calculate what the cost of production is per country and what they would need to also make a living from their efforts. In some countries, we pay farmers double the national average!

Did You Know?

Because of customers like you, we have been able to build and maintain 63 schools (so far!) for farmers and their families!