Best Methods to Storing Coffee (hint: it’s not in the fridge or freezer!)

Coffee is Perishable

The topic of coffee storage and fresh factor comes up often at SF Bay Coffee Company. We get lots of questions about low long a bag of coffee or a box of One Cups will last.  Here we dispel myths, share our best tips and answer your questions about keeping coffee fresh! These very simple guidelines will show you how easy it is to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible.

No more drinking stale coffee or throwing it away after a month. You should enjoy your favorite coffee blend to the last brew!

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Your Coffee Freshness Guide

Best sustainable coffee brands

The lifespan of a newly opened bag of coffee is about the same as a fresh loaf of bread. If left exposed to air, coffee will become stale after only a few days. Unopened bags will actually keep for about a year.

Once you open the package, air will start to diminish the freshness of the coffee beans. We recommend using a clip to keep the package sealed tight or pour the beans into an airtight container.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Sadly, refrigerating or freezing coffee beans (ground or whole) does not extend its shelf life. In fact, it might actually result in freezer-burn which will make your coffee taste pretty bad.

Did you Know?

Coffee grounds can be used in beauty products and are good for your skin!