Is Coffee Better In Your Favorite Mug?


We just have to ask, is coffee better in your favorite mug? Have you ever worked with someone who is possessive over their favorite mug? Well, now you can’t blame them because of science. It’s okay to admit it now, you don’t sound crazy. You have studies proving that it’s normal to have a better experience with your favorite mug, and here’s why:

Studies from professor Charles Spence, from Oxford University show that forming an attachment to one cup improves the taste of the drink. It allows the person to personalize their coffee drinking experience by giving it feelings of ownership and familiarity, which helps improve the taste.

However, the strange thing Is that people don’t like admitting they prefer their favorite cup. Most people know it sounds silly, but now you know it actually makes the flavor and the experience better than it would be with any old mug.

Many marketers have realized that personalization is key in todays world, so they have started writing people’s names down on cups to give them this type of experience when they drink coffee.  Clearly, this doesn’t compare to drinking out of your favorite mug, but it’s the next best thing. 

So, grab your favorite mug, pour yourself a cup, and enjoy the heck out of that coffee!

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