Does Caffeine Help Your Exercise Performance?

Coffee & Your Workout Performance

Coffee has become significantly more popular in recent years.  Not too long ago, we asked all of you what time of the day you like to drink your coffee.  Quite a few people said they like to drink coffee before they go to the gym… So, we want to know: does caffeine help exercise performance?

Most of the time, people drink caffeine in order to get an energy boost to help them get through the day. So, it makes sense that people drink it before a work out in order to get an extra boost to get through the workout.

In a recent study, a company reviewed more than 300 studies which included 4,800 participants.  The company took data from all of the studies and reviewed it to come up with an overall conclusion about the topic.

From this, they found that there were improvements in athletic performance ranging from 2%-16%.  The average participant had improvements between 2%-6%.  Most of these improvements were connected to longer periods of endurance, such as cycling and running. Or, it helped increase the number of reps in a weight lifting routine, or the amount of weight lifted.  Although these increases and improvements don’t seem extraordinary, they can be highly beneficial in highly competitive sports.

How Does It Work?

Caffeine has a similar chemical structure to adenosine, which binds to receptors in the brain when we get tired.  So, when we consume caffeine, It binds to the adenosine and reverses the effects.  This means, the caffeine reduces the feelings of fatigue and gives us more energy.

How Much Coffee Should I Drink?

Caffeine content varies based on type of coffee, coffee brand, the size of the cup, and other factors.  This makes it a little more difficult to measure how many cups of coffee a person should drink before working out.

However, the average cup of coffee contains between 95-165 mg of caffeine.  People need 3-6mg/kg in order to maximize improvements of the workout. So, the average person should drink about 2 cups of coffee in order to feel the effects while exercising.

Another factor to worry about would be how long before the workout the person consumes the coffee.  It typically takes between 45-90 minutes for a person to absorb caffeine into their blood stream.  So, wait about an hour after you drink your coffee to begin your workout for best effects!

Now, we’re all ready to start working out, with an extra kick of energy! Let us know what caffeine you like before your workout! Also, let us know how you feel about the question: Does caffeine help your exercise performance?

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