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High Quality Coffee Roasting

For over 40 years, we’ve perfected the art of growing and roasting coffee. While we won’t divulge our secrets, here’s a little How-To guide.

The Coffee
Pre-Inspection Process

We inspect the coffee beans at all stages for color, defects, and quality. Great coffee beans have specific characteristics that we look for and must have in order for the batch to continue on.

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Our beans are repeatedly inspected during and after the roast

Check & Repeat

If it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we will remedy it.

Every moment of the roasting process is critical in meeting our quality standards. At 12,13, 14,16,19 and 20 minutes a temperature change happens taking each coffee bean from raw to perfection.

Roast Levels 

Roast levels determine the strength of your coffee. At SF Bay Coffee we have 5 roast types that vary from our standard Full City Medium Roast, Full City Dark Roast, Espresso Roast, French Roast, Extra Dark Italian Roast.


Most frequent questions and answers

We roast 100% of our coffee in Lincoln, California. 

Roasting coffee transforms the properties of raw green coffee beans into consumable coffee products. The roasting process is what changes the chemical and physical prpoerty of the coffee into the flavors we enjoy.

Did You Know?

Darker roasted coffee has less caffeine than lighter roasted coffee.