15 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee's Health Benefits

We all know how popular coffee is. In fact, people consumer over 400 billion cups annually. But sometimes, people feel guilty about drinking it. Today on the blog we share 15 health benefits to drinking coffee.

1. Coffee Boost Productivity

Most people wake up with a cup of coffee to increase their alertness and feel more awake.  This helps increase productivity, especially in the workplace.  In fact, studies show that there is a correlation between coffee consumption and occupational performance.

2. Coffee may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s

This evidence may not be conclusive, but studies hint at the fact that coffee can in fact decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s.

“Coffee consumption does seem to have some correlation to a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease,” says Dr. Donald Weaver, Co-director of the Krembil Brain Institute. “But we wanted to investigate why that is—which compounds are involved and how they may impact age-related cognitive decline.”

Source: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-11-coffee-chances-alzheimer-parkinson.html

3. Coffee contains health-protective compounds

Both caffeic and chlorogenic acid are found ingredients in coffee which has positive effects on our health! Researchers believe it offers anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antiviral, and anticancer abilities.

4. Coffee consumption can lower the risk of melanoma skin cancer

Melanoma often comes from exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun.  It was recently discovered that coffee can protect increase the UV resistance and protect our skin.

5. Coffee contains antioxidants

I’m sure there are a lot of antioxidants in plenty of foods you eat, but coffee is one of the largest providers of these nutrients.

6. Drinking coffee lowers the risk of a stroke

There have been studies that show a correlation between higher coffee consumption and lower stroke rates, but you cannot assume that one causes the other.

7. Coffee can reduce the risk of type two diabetes

Coffee helps cutting out refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, both of which can cause type two diabetes.

8. Coffee and Diabetes

There have also been studies that show a correlation between high coffee consumption and lower risk of type two diabetes.

Caffeine helps

Studies show 400mg of caffeine a day increases insulin sensitivity.

9. Caffeine lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

Coffee is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Coffee consumption is also associated with a lower risk of mortality associated with heart disease.

10. Coffee may protect against liver damage

 Coffee has helped improve lab readings when it comes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

11. Longevity Studies show coffee may help you live longer

There seems to be an association with coffee consumption and lower mortality. In a study with 521,330 participants all from 10 different countries, they found that people that consumed more coffee had a lower all-cause mortality rate.

12. Coffee drinkers have lower rates of depression

According to the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry over 300,000 participants between several different studies were included in a coffee and depression analysis found that Coffee and caffeine significantly decreased the risk of depression. So, if you are feeling a little blue, a cup of Joe just might give you the pick-me-up you need to start overcoming your struggles.

13. Coffee and Gum Disease

Coffee has a protective effect on teeth and gums. One study showed an inverse relationship between coffee consumption and periodontal disease. We asked a local dentist in Shreveport, LA if this is true, and he said the acidity in coffee can definitely help kill off the germs that cause periodontal disease over time.

14. Caffeine boosts physical performance

Coffee helps give you the energy you need to get through the day! You may be an athlete and have some commitment to coffee in some way.

15. Higher coffee consumption appears to lower cancer risk

This isn’t true for all types of cancer, but there have been inverse relationships between coffee consumption and risk of cancer.

So next time you’re questioning whether or not you should be drinking that extra cup of coffee, here’s 15 reasons why you should.


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